About me

Hey! I’m Sabrina. I’m a wedding photographer based in Arizona but I’m always down for an adventure! I’ve been photographing couples for three years now. Aside from being a photographer I’m a wife and mama, so I know all about functioning in chaos. I vibe well with unfiltered people who enjoy happy hour and good Mexican food. I’ve seen every episode of Friends at least ten times, so if I tell you to PIVOT during our session I really hope you understand the reference. 


Although I love me a good kiss and dip her pose, I’m all for the candid and unposed shots. I want to capture your love for what it really is, beautiful and untamed. I don’t want you to stress about the little details like what to do with your hands, let me worry about that. I just want you to let your hair down, laugh, and cuddle up to your loved one in front of my lens. I like to form genuine connections with my clients, so if you’re ready to be friends let’s do this thang! I promise you won’t regret it. 


Sabrina Weaver

weddings + elopements + couples + portraits